Les Clemens
May 16, 2021
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


2 Kings 6:8-8:29

A. Overview - The Righteous God Ruling in Might (6:8-8:29)
1. Elisha and the Blinded Enemy (6:8-23)
2. Famine in Besieged Samaria (6:24-7:2)
3. The Siege Lifted (7:3-20)
4. The Shunammite’s Land Restored (8:1-6)
5. The Murder of Ben-Hadad (8:7-15)
6. Two Kings of Israel (8:16-29)

B. Focus - The Gracious God Protecting His Own (6:8-23)
1. He Frustrates the Enemy (6:8-12)
Point - In his providence God will frustrate the plans of the enemy so that they might know that he alone is the true God.
2. He Protects the Prophet (6:13-18)
Point - In his providence God watches over his faithful children in order that they might be saved and he glorified.
3. He Gives the Victory (6:19-23)
Point - In his providence God regularly brings victory so that we might delight in him.

C. Application - Seeing and Knowing thisGod in Everyday Life
1. The promises of God displayed in his word.
2. The purpose of God behind these promises.
3. The prospect of life in trusting these promises.