With humble roots in the late 1930s when a small group began to meet for prayer and Bible study in a private home and later the Oakville Masonic Temple on the corner of Lakeshore and Navy, Faith began as "The Oakville Gospel Centre" and "Calvary Baptist Church".

Faith met in the Old Turner Chapel at Wilson and Lakeshore and established a branch Sunday School in the one-room, Pineview schoolhouse (pictured) on Sixth Line. Faith's roots are spread throughout Oakville! Faith has shared ancestry with the Winnett Memorial Baptist Church (now Chartwell Baptist Church) and sprang out of congregational interest that both the North and South East of Oakville have centres from which to share the light of the gospel. 

Faith Oakville bids hearty welcome from the hub of the Upper Oakville/Trafalgar corridor.

Deep roots and still growing.