James 1:17; Malachi 3:6

1. What Do We Mean When We Say, “God Is Immutable”?
1a. God is Immutable in His Being (His nature and essence)
1b. God is Immutable in His Perfections.
1c. God is Immutable in His Promises
1d. God is Immutable in His Purposes

2. Why Is This An Important Attribute Of God To Study?
2a. It Distinguishes God from Creation

Quote: “…the doctrine of God’s immutability is highly significant for religion. The difference between the Creator and the creature hinges on the contrast between being and becoming. All that is creaturely is in process of becoming. It is changeable, constantly striving, in search of rest and satisfaction, and finds this rest only in him who is pure being without becoming. This is why, in Scripture, God is so often called the Rock.” Herman Bavinck

2b. It Teaches that God is a Firm foundation for our faith

3. What Are The Challenges To God’s Immutability?
4. What Are The Implications?

1. Do Not Harden Your Heart - Draw Near to God
2. Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart - Draw Near to God