Les Clemens
October 17, 2021
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Hebrews 3:1-6

Sermon Notes:
1. Consider Jesus 
- Who are we? (vs.1)
- What are we to do? (vs.1)
2. Moses was commendable . . . 
- He was faithful (vs.2,5)
- He was a servant (vs.5)
- He was worthy of honour (vs.3)
- He was a witness (vs.6)
3. But Jesus is better!
- His is a superior faithfulness (vs.2,6)
- His is a superior honour (vs.3)
- His is a superior position (vs.6)

First - It is important because the Son is the one that can truly and permanently set you free - not Moses.
Second - It is important because it is through the Son you can live a life pleasing to God - not Moses.
Third - It is important because it is the Son before whom you will stand to be judged - not Moses.