Les Clemens
July 12, 2020
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Romans 12:9-21

Opening Quote:
Now this is the attitude which I attack. It is the huge heresy of Precedent. It is the view that because we have got into a mess we must grow messier to suit it; that because we have taken a wrong turn some time ago we must go forward and not backwards; that because we have lost our way we must lose our map also; and because we have missed our ideal, we must forget it.”
― G.K. Chesterton, What's Wrong with the World

Sermon Notes:
1. Strengthening Relationships Within the Christian Community (12:9-13)
a) Sincere love for the body (12:9-10)
b) Spiritual fervour in serving the Lord (12:11)
c) Attitudes of Grace (12:12-13)

2. Building Relationships Outside and Inside the Christian Community (12:14-16)
a) Handling persecution (12:14)
b) Concern for others (12:15-16a)
c) Humility in all things (12:16b)