Les Clemens
May 10, 2020
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Romans 8:31-39

Sermon Notes:
1. Four Huge Challenges to the Assurance of Our Salvation (8:31-37)
   a) Is there any conceivable power that can prevent our arriving at that ultimate glorification? (8:31)
   b) Is there any danger that God’s love may undergo a change or be diminished? (8:32)
   c) Is it possible for someone or something may finally convict us of sin and bring us unto a final condemnation? (8:33-34)
   d) Is it possible we may falter in the end, owing to our own weakness, as we face the trials and temptations of life? (8:35-37)
2. One Grand Conclusion to Give Believers Confidence and Peace (8:38-39)