Les Clemens
April 10, 2020
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Mark 15:21-47

Sermon Notes:
1. The Crucifixion of Jesus (15:21-32)
1a. Consider what Christ went through for sinners like us.
2. The Death of Jesus (15:33-41)
2a. Consider the agony of the Son’s separation from the Father
3. The Burial of Jesus (15:42-47)
3b. Consider the loss the disciples felt as Jesus was laid in the tomb.

The all-pervasive influence of the cross (John Stott - “The Cross of Christ”)
First, the cross is the ground of our justification.
Second, the cross is the means of our sanctification.
Third, the cross is the subject of our witness.
Fourth, the cross is the object of our boast.