Les Clemens
March 29, 2020
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Romans 7:1-6


Chapter 6

Chapter 7

v. 1—Sin (harmartia)

v. 1—The law (nomos)

v. 2—“We died to sin”

v. 4—“You also died to the law”

v. 4—“We too may live a new life”

v. 6—“so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit”

v. 7—“Anyone who has died is free from sin”

v. 6—“We have been released from the law”

v. 18—“You have been set free from sin”

v. 3—“released from the law”

Sermon Notes:
1. The Law’s Authority (7:1)
2. The Law in Action (7:2-3)
3. The Law and the Believer (7:4-6)
   a) We have died to the law to be united to Christ (7:4)
   b) We are no longer in the realm of the flesh which bore fruit for death (v5)
   c) We are released from the law to freely serve by the Spirit (v6)