February 9, 2020
Guest Speaker


Acts 17:16-34

Speaker: Kirk Wellum,

Introduction: The situation in which we find ourselves today.

1. The Occasion, the City, and the Areopagus (17:16-21).
a. Acts 17:16 - Paul’s activity while he waits for Silas and Timothy.
b. Acts 17:17 - Paul’s encounter with the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers.

2. Paul’s Address Before the Areopagus (17:22-31).
a. Preamble (22-23).
b. Presentation of God (24-25).
c. View of humanity (26-29).
d. Paul’s presentation of the gospel (30-31).

3. The Upshot of Paul’s Address to the Areopagus (17:32-34).
a. Mixed response: some sneered, some wanted to talk further, some believed.
b. This varied response is not unique to Paul or this situation.
c. In our day we learn from the passage to do the following:
         i) reconstruct the biblical narrative.
         ii) set the Christian worldview over against all other world views.
         iii) strive to do these things in a winsome and loving way.
         iv) call men and women to repentance and faith in Jesus.
         v) warn people of the great judgment to come.