Les Clemens
December 22, 2019
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


John 1:9-13

Sermon Notes

  • Mary - Luke 1:46-55, Luke 2:19
    • In reacting to the incarnation we should consider the  character of our God and take time to ponder these things.
  • Joseph - Matthew 1:20-25
    • Like many aspects of God’s character and his ways, the incarnation is difficult to understand. And yet we trust and believe in Gods promises.
  • Shepherds - Luke 2:16-20
    • Such is the glory found in the incarnation that we should react with joyful expressions of the gospel.
  • Simeon - Luke 2:29-32
    • We should respond to the news of the incarnation with peaceful assurance of God’s purposes and plans for us.
  • Herod - Matthew 2:16
    • Not all but most people react negatively with indifference and worse, hatred.
  • Anna - Luke 2:38
    • No greater time in life than now to give thanks to God and to seek his  kingdom.
  • You and Me? - Romans 10:9-10