Sam Katchikian
December 1, 2019
Sam Katchikian
Associate Pastor


Ephesians 2:1-10

Sermon Notes:
A) Our Plight Apart from the Gift of God (2:1-3)
   1. Our Condition in Sin (v.1)
   2. Our Conduct in Sin (vv.2-3a)
   3. Our Nature in Sin (v.3b)
B) The Features of the Gift of God (2:4-7)
   1. The Initiative: But God... (v.4a)
   2. The Reason: God's Merciful Love (v.4b)
   3. The Substance: A 'Package Deal' Full of Benefits (vv.5-6)
   4. The Purpose: To 'Show Off' His Grace—for All Eternity (v.7)
C) The Consequences of the Gift of God (2:8-10)
   1. It Keeps Us Humble (v.9)
   2. It Equips Us for Good Works (v.10)