Les Clemens
November 17, 2019
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Romans 2:17-29

1. A Matter of Obedience Not Simply Knowledge of God’s Will (2:17-24)
a) Relating to God (vs.17-18)
b) Light to the gentiles (vs.19-20)
c) Knowledge and practice (vs.21-23)
d) Divine indictment (vs.24)

2. A Matter of the Heart, Not the Flesh (2:25-29)
a) Is there value in circumcision? (vs.25)
b) What about  uncircumcision? (vs.26)
c) The one that condemns the other (vs.27)
d) So who is the real Jew?

1. Obedience over ritual
2. Authentic obedience before God
3. The importance of the new covenant

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