Les Clemens
October 6, 2019
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Romans 1:16-17

The Gospel and Salvation - Just What’s Going on Here?
Romans 1:16-17

- What does Paul mean the he says he says he is “not ashamed of the gospel”?
- How is the gospel “the power of God that brings salvation”?
- What is it that the gospel saves us from?
- What is this “righteousness of God” and how is it “revealed”?
- How is it that the “ righteous will live by faith”?

- We all need God’s righteousness because we are all sinners (1:18-3:20)
- Faith alone in Jesus is how God will justify us — that is, declare us righteous (3:21-4:25)
- When we obtain God’s righteousness, we experience several results: God reconciles us to himself (5:1-21), he liberates us from sin’s dominating power (6:1-23), he frees us from the law (7:1-25), and he gives us assurance and security (8:1-39).
- The relationship between the gospel and Israel calls the reliability into question, so Paul vindicates God’s righteousness (9:1-11:36).
- The gospel transforms how we live and produces righteous living (12:1-15:13).

Sermon Notes:
A. What is the gospel?
B. What does it mean to be ashamed of the gospel?
C. Why is Paul not ashamed of the gospel?
   1. The gospel is the power of God
   2. This gospel is the means of salvation.
   3. This salvation the gospel brings is by faith
   4. The gospel is for all people

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