Les Clemens
October 14, 2018
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Mark 10:32-45

1. A Bold Revelation and a Bothersome Reflection (10:32-34)
-- The Revelation – Jesus goes to die.
-- The Reflection – Jesus dies for me.
2. A Brash Request and Some Blunt Reality (10:35-40)
-- The Request – Give me the place of honour
-- The Reality – Are you really prepared?
3. Bitter Reaction and a Better Response (10:41-45)  
-- The Reaction – That’s not fair!
-- The Response – Be a servant.
-- The Clincher – Jesus paid it all!

Study Questions (Adapted from Danny Akin, Christ Centred Exposition - Mark pg. 235)
1. How would you answer someone who asked you, “Why did Jesus have to die”? Can you
give three reasons?
2. How does servanthood go against human nature? How does it compare with what advertisers compel us to think of ourselves?
3. How do we put away the mind-set of the world and adopt the mind-set of Christ? Where does the power and help come from to do this? How long does it take?
4. Does being a slave imply working for salvation? Why or why not?
5. How are a ‘servant’ and a ‘slave’ the same? How are they different? Which best describes various aspects of the Christian life?
6. In what ways was Jesus an example for us in service and humility and sacrifice? What is the limitations building theology around ‘Jesus is my example’?
7. How would you explain substitutionary atonement in two sentences?
8. What is your greatest joy in knowing Christ?