Les Clemens
September 16, 2018
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Mark 9:30-50

Sermon Notes:
1. Obedience to the Will of God (9:30-32)
2. Commitment to Serving Others (9:33-37)
3. Allegiance to Christ (9:38-41)
4. An Understanding of Radical Discipleship (9:42-50)

Discussion Questions
1. What evidence is seen in our current culture that, before redemption, we are addicted to ourselves? How does that temptation persist even after we are saved?
2.  Some skeptics say that the disciples made up the resurrection story. How does 9:31-32 argue against this notion?
3.  How is pride viewed in our culture today?
4.  How does Jesus redefine greatness? Is it always wrong to seek to be great? Why or why not?
5.  What does it mean to “give a cup of water”? Can you think of any examples of what this looks like?
6.  What do you think holds believers back from this “radical discipleship”? What is holding you back?
7.  What does being salt look like in the church? What are some ways we can do this in our society?