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Parking Lot Project Update 
Purpose:  To reduce the slope, if possible, and resurface the existing lot.
Estimated Total Cost:  $250,000 - $300,000 (best estimate at this stage)
Estimated Timing: Fall 2022 or Spring 2023
Project Phases:
  • Site Survey - J.H. Gelbloom ($5,753.36) - Complete
  • Engineering – Weekes Engineering (Quote = $46,669) - *Underway (see update below)
  • Construction – To Be Awarded (estimate $200,000) but could be higher
*Weekes Engineering has been working with the Town of Oakville regarding our plans to re-grade the existing parking lot while staying within the existing surface foot-print area and without moving/changing the existing catch basins.   The focus of the communication is confirming whether permits, detailed storm water analysis or a functional service reports are required.  The Town has indicated as long as the shape and size of the parking lot isn’t changing, and no change is made to the storm system in place (i.e. location of or addition of catch basins), then a permit will not be required.  
The Town has requested Weekes ensure that drainage patterns remain the same, and that neighbouring properties will not be adversely affected by any change in the slope of the lot.  The Town has also indicated our plans to install a ramp to help people reach the building entrance would not trigger a permit with Development Engineering.  Weekes is in the process of creating drawings indicating all the changes and plans to review those drawings with Faith and the Town of Oakville.  Please continue to prayerfully consider how the Lord may be leading you to give toward this important project. 
Total Raised to date is $107,603.50
Next Steps:
1) Continue Fundraising
2) Complete Engineering Phase 2 – Summer 2022
3) Review Phase 3 Construction Proposals – Summer 2022
4) Award Phase 3 Construction contract – Summer/Fall 2022
Project Completion – Fall 2022 or Spring 2023