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Parking Lot Project Update (January 2022)
Though the Building Expansion Project is not moving forward at this time, we are excited to begin with a modified version of Phase 1 of that project - the Parking Lot.  While we do not plan to expand the parking lot, a clear need exists to reduce the slope (as much as possible), improve drainage, consider adding railings/walkways, and of course resurface the lot.  With the project estimated to cost at least $150,000 we have recently relaunched a fundraising campaign.
It's too early to tell whether we will be able to complete the project in 2022, but we hope to.  The timing will be driven by the ability of the companies we partner with to start and finish their stage of the project.  The project will take place in a number of stages beginning with a Site Survey, followed by Engineering & Design, and finally Reducing the slope & Resurfacing.  
The Site Survey was awarded to J.H. Gelbloom of Oakville, was completed in December 2021 and will be submitted in January 2022,  We are fortunate to have our very own Dwight Walker, a Professional Engineer, to have offered to guide us through the process.  We have pulled together existing and proposed drawings for the parking lot that Dwight will share with 3-5 Engineering Firms to introduce the project and solicit Requests for Proposals/Quotations.  We are excited to have one firm already submit their proposal.  We expect to receive additional bids early in the new year.  When  bids have been received and reviewed, we will award this stage of the project to one of those firms and initiate the final stage of the project by approaching a number of Paving firms who will be ask to submit a Request for Proposal/Quotation to complete the project. 
We will do our best to keep you informed...check here for regular updates.  Please continue to prayerfully consider giving to this vital infrastructure project at Faith.
Your Faith Leadership Team,
David, Rod, Frank, Pastor Les, Ken, Isaac, Paul, James, Bryan, John-Mark, Stephen and Pastor Rob

Total to date is $86,535.00