Les Clemens
December 27, 2020
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Ephesians 4:1-16
Looking Ahead

Sermon Notes:
1. An Urgent Call for Biblical Ubity (4:1-6)
2. Gifted Members Equipped for Service (4:7-13)
   a. The Gifted (4:7-10)
   b. The Gifts (4:11)
   c. The Goal (4:12)
   d. The Gain (4:13)
3. Gifted Members Growing in Grace (4:14-16)
   a. Avoiding dangerous and deceitful teaching (4:14)
   b. Developing spiritual maturity (4:15)
   c. What we become

Connections in 2021:
Connections with our God through the preaching and teaching of His Word.
Connections with our Family by developing authentic, biblical fellowship
Connections with our Community by clearly sharing the gospel in deed and word.
Connections with our World by investing in internationally gospel efforts.