Les Clemens
March 1, 2020
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Romans 6:1-14

“The baptized are no longer ‘Adam-people’ but, by a divine transference, ‘Christ-people’, members of the new humanity, whose terms of existence are defined, not by Adam’s disobedience, but by the obedience and righteousness of Christ”. - Westerholm, “Understanding Paul”

Sermon Notes
1. Thesis - Christians no longer live in sin (6:1-2)
2. Explanation - We are now united with Christ (6:3-11)
  a) Believers are plunged into Christ’s death and new life (6:3-10)
     i) Union with Christ's death has broken the power of sin (6:3-7)
     ii) Union with Christ’s life places believers in the presence of God (6:8-10)
  b)  Summary: Believer's are dead to sin and alive to Christ (6:11)
3. Application: Believers should live in the power of God’s grace (6:12-14)
   a) Don’t give in to sinful impulses (6:12)
   b) Don’t let your body be an instrument of wickedness (6:13a)
   c) Give yourself completely to God’s service (6:13b)
   d) Remember that you are not under law but under grace. (6:14)