Les Clemens
September 29, 2019
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Romans 1:8-15

Sermon Notes:
1. Thanks - A Reputation Worth Having (1:8)
a. It is a reputation for which Paul is grateful.
b. It is a reputation widely known.
c. It is a reputation built on faith.
d. It is a reputation that has an impact.

2. Longings - The Constancy of Prayer for Spiritual Well-Being (1:9-13)
a. Paul’s prayers are a fundamental part of his service.
b. Paul’s prayers come from the foundation of his faith in Christ.
c. Paul’s prayers display the longings of his heart.

3. Obligations - The Whole Gospel for the Whole World (1:14-15)
a. Sharing the gospel is a divine obligation.
b. The gospel we share is for the whole world
c. Sharing the gospel should also be our passion.

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