Les Clemens
September 22, 2019
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Romans 1:1-7

- Paul and His Letters
- Purpose in Writing
- Key Text and Main Thesis

Outline of Romans (by Douglas J. Moo)
1. The Letter Opening (1:1-17)
2. The Heart of the Gospel: Justification by Faith (1:18-4:25)
3. The Assurance Provided by the Gospel (5:1-8:39)
4. The Defense of the Gospel: The Problem of Israel (9:1-11:36)
5. The Transforming Power of the Gospel (12:1-15:13)
6. The Letter Closing (15:14-16:27)

Sermon Notes:
1. Who is Paul and to Whom is He Writing? (1:1,7)
2. What is the Message Paul Has for the Romans? (1:2-4)
3. What does Paul’s Ministry Consist of? (1:5-6)

For more for Study Materials visit https://www.journeychurchonline.org/adobe/romans.pdf