Les Clemens
May 19, 2019
Les Clemens
Lead Pastor


Acts 20:17-38

“New Testament churches are to be congregationally governed yet led by a plurality of elders who are released by servant deacons to devote themselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer” (Dever and Alexander - “The Deliberate Church”).

1. The Character of Paul’s Ministry, An Example to the Elders (20:17-24)
- It was public ministry
- It was a corporate ministry
- It was an exemplary ministry
- It was a ministry of service
- It was a ministry marked by humility
- It was a ministry marked by difficulty
- It was a ministry declaring the truth of the gospel
- It was a ministry of conviction
2. The Content of the Paul’s Instruction to the Elders (20:25-31)
- Personal and corporate holiness
- The impact of a godly shepherd
3. The Commitment of Paul Heart to the Elder’s  (20:32-38)
- He commits them to God’s grace
- He commends hard work
- He continues the ministry
What have we learned?
- The focus of the scriptures on leadership is for the good of the church.
- The goal of this model of leadership is for the glory of God
- The task before us is to serve in the role God gives each of us.

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