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FAITH OAKVILLE is once again directing attention to Fellowship Aid and International Relief's mission to rebuild the innocence of childhood in the Philippines. Our 2018 Special Easter Offering supported FAIR and IJM's combined goal to rescue kids from the cybersex industry.

FAIR (Fellowship Aid and International Relief) is partnering with IJM (International Justice Mission) to provide specialized aftercare for children rescued from the cybersex trade.  The Philippines has seen a sharp rise in the sexual exploitation of children as desperate Filipinos find means of supplementing income.  IJM is working to locate and liberate children, some still in infancy, from the cybersex industry.  FAIR's initial fundraising goal for this project was $120,000 toward a two year pilot program enabling survivors to be placed in loving foster homes. Help them go above and beyond.


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UPDATE - Faith, you gave!  Thank you!  Giving for this project closed at $3,189.00

You can continue to Rebuild Innocence in the Philippines by giving through the link above.