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New Parking Lot Project Update!
We want to provide an update following our recent meeting with the Engineering firm...
Fun Facts
- two reduce the slope we may need to consider lowering the driveway under the carport as raising the lot may not be practical
- a wild card is whether a large boulder exists below the carport
- at this stage contractors are booked out for the fall so we hope to tender for completion in 2023
- the lot should remain mostly accessible through the project although gravel for a number of weeks
- there may be a period where the front entrance is inaccessible
- temporary access may need to be provided through the door on the west side of the building
Key Next Steps:
1. Weekes Engineering to provide drawings of options discussed along with an estimate of their impact on drainage, costs, and # of parking spaces
2. Faith Leadership to review and provide direction (recommendation) in terms of the option we wish to move toward the tendering process.
3. Faith Leadership to update members at a Town Hall and/or the Fall Business Meeting with a recommendation for their approval. 
Humbled to serve you,
The Elders & Deacons of Faith
Total Raised to date is $112,436.50