Les Clemens
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Every once in a while I see an interview of some famous person and the question is often asked, “What are you reading”? The individual being interviewed rattles off whatever has there reading attention. Its a good question to ask because what one reads says a great deal about a person and what they value. I believe that, as a Christian, it is important to read widely. While the Bible takes precedent over all other books, we should be reading other books as well.  Books that cause us to grow; books that open up new worlds; books that give us glimpses into all aspects of life.
So, what are you reading? On my bedside table there are a number of books (my wife says there are too many). There are two biographies - one on the life Tomas Jefferson’s and the other Martin Luther. A third book by Tim Cook, an excellent read entitled “Vimy, the Battle and the Legend”. And finally a delightful piece of fiction by Marilynn’s Robinson,called “Gilead”. Now I am a pretty slow reader so it will take some time to get through them all.  And I am not sure what this says about me but does give a glimpse into the things I enjoy learning about.
There are two points I would like to make, coming out of this brief literary discussion. The first is, are you spending much time reading God’s word? This is the very heart of my pastoral concern since if Christians are not spending much time in the BIble they are spiritually starving themselves. The history of the BIble shows the great lengths to which numerous men and women went to ensure the scriptures would be in the language of the people. So take advantage!
Second, put aside time to read other books for your enjoyment and enrichment. It is purported that John Bunyan, the author of Pilgrims Progress (if you haven’t yet, you’d better read this one), referring to the importance of reading, said that “one should sell ones bed to buy a book”. As a Christian reading, and reading well, will be a great blessing to your life. And if you want a few suggestions on where to get started, just come and see me!