Les Clemens
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Have you ever wondered if your life affects the way God operates? In other words, let's say that as a Christian I prove to be unfaithful, multiple times, does that somehow reflect on God and his faithfulness? Would God be unjust if somehow my unrighteous living makes God’s righteous character more clear? Or how about this, is it fair for us to be condemned if our lying enhances God’s truthfulness and in fact increases his glory?

I choose these three examples because these are the very things the apostle Paul deals with and records for us in his letter to the Roman believers. He has been highlighting the sinfulness of mankind (chapter 1) and that God’s judgment for sin is on all people regardless whether they be Jew or Gentile (chapter 2). In chapter 3 he lays bare the fact that regardless of what privileges we might think we have or how we think God should respond to us, he is always faithful, always righteous and always true. His holy character remains unchanged and his judgments are always right.

Now this has some serious implications for the believer. If you continue to read through Romans you will discover some of the impact it has on the believers, the world and the life of the church. On a personal level it is a healthy reminder that since God is unchanging in his character we can trust him completely. God does not move this way and that, changing how he feels and acts based on our actions.

But there is another practical implication emanating from this truth. He will do everything with the goal of our good and ultimately his glory. The way in which he operates in our lives is alway according to his foreordained purposes and he never wavers in this. In so doing he accomplishes all he desires so that in us he is magnificently glorified. For you and me that means humbly bowing before him and seeking his face so that we will learn to truly trust him in all things. We are far too quick to question God’s actions and motives. Because God is who the Bible says he is we should be able to firmly plant our feet on his truth, his word given to us.

Im so glad that while God is patient and willing to hear my complaints, questions and frustrations, he never allows those to dictate, delay or defeat his purposes. He remains steadfast in all he does. To him be all the praise.